The J & A Manufacturing five stage pre-treating process ensures part corrosion protection and adhesion of the coating. The pre-treating operators are trained and tested to ensure that the operation is being performed consistently and accurately. J & A Manufacturing has deployed standard work, FMEA, Documented Procedures, Frequent Chemistry Verification and Adjustment, Chemistry test logs, and Rechecks as required for the pre-treating process to ensure that new operators are properly trained and the process is documented and repeatable.

Our coating team is highly skilled and cross trained to allow J & A to shift labor where it is needed, which gives us a competitive advantage and cost savings that can be passed on to our customers.

Members of our coating team have received education and training in Coating Application, Part Preparation, Product Handling, Lean Manufacturing Principals, Part Symmetry, Sampling Plans, Chemistry Adjustment, and Leadership.

The coating operation consists of both wet and powder coating applications depending on your unique requirements.

The wet coating application can be water, urethane or epoxy based or one of the newer hybrid paints. In order to be environmentally responsible (GREEN) J & A has had many of its customers older specified paints reformulated to lower VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) paints.

Coating - J & A Manufacturing - Garland TX

The powder coating materials come in a wide range of colors, glosses and textures to fit your needs. When possible we suggest you incorporate this type of finish into your design because there is no VOC emission associated with this process. J&A has added quick color change technology to its powder coating systems and made significant upgrades to other equipment and lighting.

We work with calibrated ovens and instruments to ensure repeatability of the process.

Revalidation of the process is performed for each lot by coating a coupon and performing one or more destructive tests as needed.

Additional Services:

Silkscreen Printing

J&A can design, build the screen, and applying screen printing to fabricated parts, or customer supplied materials. Because we can build our own screens it saves cost and lead time, and insures we have complete control over the process.

Laser Etching / Marking

Laser marking is an economical way to perform crisp marking on a variety of materials, including metal plastics, wood, glass, leather etc…. Our Fiber Optic Laser Marking system has a 6.89” x 6.89” MAX Marking area.


All plating is performed by J&A approved suppliers to ensure that the highest quality of plating is applied to your parts.