J & A Manufacturing has Welders Qualified, Certified IAW AWS standards, multi position. We can qualify and or certify to your WPS depending on your needs as a customer. J & A currently has welders with certifications for FCAW (Flux Core) , GMAW (MIG) , and GTAW (TIG) processes.

Specific welding methods and procedures are performed as specified by you the customer. In the event that the welding specifications are not called out per contract or noted on the drawing, then general good welding practices will be followed. We will then document the process and submit it for your approval. This allows your engineering staff to take advantage of the decades of experience and wealth of knowledge that J & A Manufacturing’s Welding Team and Support Staff have to offer.

We work with calibrated machines and instruments to ensure we have control of the process inputs.

Our welding team has operators trained and tested in blueprint reading, interpretation of drawings, layout and measuring of welds, weld symbols, Lean Manufacturing concepts, Leadership and Part Symmetry.

Quality checklists are utilized for more complex weldments and assemblies to help insure that all Critical to Quality (CTQ) features are checked.

For cabinets, complex assemblies (or per customers request) we assign a serial number to each unit that allows us to know when the unit was welded, and who performed the CTQ check.

At J & A we cross train our team to ensure labor available when needed in other areas of fabrication and assembly. This allows us the have one of the most flexible workforces in the industry, and enables us to do more with fewer people.

The primary materials that we work with are: Aluminum, Steel, and Stainless Steel.

Destructive testing is performed for each setup in the spotweld (Resistance Weld) operation, and setup information such as tools, dwell, heat, and frequency settings are collected an filed for repeat jobs to save time on changeovers and reduce cost.

Welding - J & A Manufacturing - Garland TX

All welds are to meet the following criteria as a minimum if no further customer requirements have been specified:

  • Minimum dimensional requirements in regards to size and location
  • Size of the weld to be 1 material thickness min. if not specified on the drawing
  • No cracks present in the weld
  • No visible porosity